An all-natural product for delicate baby skin


We set highest priority to natural and pure materials as baby skin is soft and sensitive. Due to this we use the most precious natural fibre in the world for our PAPA LOBSTER collection: cashmere. No wool is softer. No fibre keeps you that cosily warm in chilly winters and your body related climate stable during each time of the year. A true genius among all fibres.

Our cashmere originates from free-range goats that are kept in natural conditions in Inner Mongolia. Du to extreme changes in temperature on the Mongolian high plateau, the cashmere goat generates its fantastic soft bottom hair, that regulates its climate naturally. The hair is not sheared but combed out on each single animal, which makes the fibre so exclusive. Approximately 150 grams are gained from an grown up goat once a year – but for a ladies cashmere sweater in a small size, 200 grams of cashmere are already needed.

Our mission at PAPA LOBSTER is easy: to offer our customers simply the best quality. For this reason we make sure that each style is being checked in-depth, both in our Nepalese production sites as well as in Germany. On top our cashmere is verified in an independent laboratory on fibre purity. PAPA LOBSTER – 100% cashmere: because we keep our promise.

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