Slow Fashion - products that grow with your child


Your kids grow – our products grow with them and thus become constant companions for several seasons. As knitwear is flexible you simply roll up the sleeves in the beginning. After a couple of months you discover that the cardi fits your child perfectly well. Now it can be worn as long as possible before the good piece is going to be passed on to siblings. Our PAPA LOBSTER products are cut spaciously, many designs are unisex, so that they can be worn by boys or girls alike. True favourits you don't want to miss in your wardrobe any longer.

An all-natural product for delicate baby skinBanner_Website-18-06-14_2x.jpg

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Slow Fashion – products that grow with your childBanner_Website-19-04-18-95x.jpg

Fair Fashion – we take responsibilityBanner_Website-19-04-18-96x.jpg

For schoolkids in Nepal – PAPA LOBSTER supportsBanner_Website-58-1a.jpg

Two friends – six kids – one visionBanner_Website-19-04-18-93-1x.jpg