Care instructions



Designed in Germany, handmade in Nepal. Our collections are exclusively made of 100% finest cashmere harvested in Inner Mongolia and processed to high quality products on traditional handlooms in Nepal. Decades of expertise in the manufactories as well as using two or four ply cashmere guarantees a high wearing comfort as well as a long life of each product.

100% Cashmere = 100% suitable for everyday-life
"Cashmere for kids" is not a contradiction for PAPA LOBSTER. Designed by two mothers, our products are tested for real life on playgrounds, at the beach, during baking, painting and handicrafting and have been classified as sturdy and easy to clean: dirt and liquids simply roll off. And in case you want to wash your PAPA LOBSTER piece, just put it into your washing machine.

How to wash your PAPA LOBSTER products
Cashmere regenerates after each washing and obtains its original shape. Only by wearing and washing your beloved cashmere piece it develops the typically soft and fluffy cashmere character. PAPA LOBSTER recommends the following care instructions to enjoy your product for as long as possible:

Washing machine
Our PAPA LOBSTER products are 100% suitable for everyday life as they are very easy to clean. Simply wash our cashmere in your washing machine choosing the wool washing programme.

Hand Washing An alternative to the washing machine is hand washing. Use 30 degree warm water and add fluid detergent. Don't wring the cashmere pieces nor let them stay in the water too long. Gentle dipping and squeezing are totally sufficient to get rid off dirt. Rinse the product accurately with clean water afterwards.

Drying Never put cashmere for drying into the dryer nor peg it out, as the piece will definitely loose its shape. PAPA LOBSTER recommends flat drying on a towel, then pull the cashmere product gently into shape.

Ironing Use the steam iron at low temperature and without pressure on the cashmere product.

Pilling Pilling, generating small knots, results as a natural consequence from wearing cashmere. You can easily remove the tiny knots after washing or with the help of a cashmere razor.

Have fun with your PAPA LOBSTER products!