Costumer Information

1. Identity of the vendor


Roonstraße 15
32427 Minden

+49 1575 26 48 450


For further information please refer to the imprint under

2. Significant features of goods

For information on significant features of goods, please see the offer presentation (product page) for the product of your interest.

3. Aceptance of the contract, technical steps and language, contract text

3.1 The contract aceptance upon a purchase on the online shop at is described in section 2 of the Terms and Conditions ( The final contract is offered in German language.

3.2 The submission of a binding offer to buy on the online shop at relies on the technical steps shown below:

- Add the desired item(s) in the shopping cart by clicking "Add to shopping cart" and then click the "Go to checkout" button;

- Log into the online shop by entering your user ID and password; if an account does not yet exist, you can register with or without opening an account;

- Specify billing and shipping address(es);

- Select payment method;

- Confirm order, accept the Terms and Conditions, then click on the "Buy" button.

3.3. When ordering on the online shop at, the contract text shall be stored by the seller and sent to customers after submission of their purchase offer (see paragraph 3.2 above) along with the Terms and Conditions and customer information in text form.

4. Technical means to detect and correct input errors

Within the steps described in section 3.2, entries can be continuously corrected via the usual keyboard and mouse functions. In the last ordering step before the binding order submission, a confirmation window with all order details is displayed for review and correction using the standard keyboard and mouse functions.

5. Total price of goods including delivery and shipping costs

The actual total price of goods (including all taxes and duties) is displayed in the shopping cart. This includes any delivery and shipping costs incurred during ordering. The information is also part of the "order confirmation" (see section 3.2. above: customer information).

6. Payment, delivery and performance terms, delivery date

6.1. Payment, delivery and performance terms arise from the provisions in section 3 and 4 of the Terms and Conditions ( as well as from data presented in the "order confirmation" step - as described in section 3.2.

6.2. The seller shall deliver (i.e. delivery of items to the customer) any goods ordered on

- To an address in Germany within nine days;

- To an address in the EU (except Germany) within fifteen days

from the day after contract conclusion or, if the chosen payment method is "PayPal", from the day after the payment transaction is settled. If the ninth day / fifteenth day is a Sunday or a nationally recognised public holiday at the place of delivery, this date is replaced by the next business day.

7. Statutory warranty rights

Statutory warranty rights (legal warranty under purchasing law) shall apply. For more information, please refer also to section 5 of the Terms and Conditions (

8. Right of withdrawal, withdrawal form and return costs

For information on the right of withdrawal for consumers, withdrawal form and related return costs, please refer to the information page "Right of withdrawal" available on the online shop at via the homonymous button, or through this link

9. Delivery restrictions

For information on any delivery restrictions on products, please see the offer presentation (product page) for the product of your interest.

10. Accepted payment methods

For information on accepted payment methods, please refer to the offer presentation (product page) for the product of your interest.