Fair Fashion - we take responsibility


Designed by ourselves in Germany with LOVE to each detail, our products are knitted on traditional handknitting looms in Nepalese manufactories. Our production partners realise each single design with perfect skills and experience. It was our clear decision for small factories with a familiar atmosphere in Nepal, because we wanted to have our collection there produced, where our cashmere originates from. This doesn't only support the families themselves, but also lets us profit from highest quality through traditional craftsmanship.

PAPA LOBSTER wants to take responsibility. Thus, a personal and close contact with our production partners is essential for transparent processes and a production under fair working conditions. A good feeling, we think!

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Slow Fashion – products that grow with your childBanner_Website-19-04-18-95x.jpg

Fair Fashion – we take responsibilityBanner_Website-19-04-18-96x.jpg

For schoolkids in Nepal – PAPA LOBSTER supportsBanner_Website-58-1a.jpg

Two friends – six kids – one visionBanner_Website-19-04-18-93-1x.jpg